Our goal for any of our branded work is to get to the heart of why your business does what it does.

We believe that consumers are not stupid and don't need to be shouted at with flashing colours and promises of '75% off now!!'. We create engaging content that will resonate with people and help your company's message shine.


Britz campervans - Winter Campaign

There is generally one demographic you think of when you think of a campervan... 65 and over.

We wanted to flip this on it's head and show a younger generation that travelling New Zealand in a campervan is flippin' awesome! This was a super fun campaign to work on... Travelling, snow, drones, mountains... what's not to love!?


Heart Kids - Born Fighters

How do you show the pain and stress a family goes through when they find out their new born baby has a heart defect?

We couldn't really, but what we wanted to do was to create the feeling of a world closing in on itself, where everything else fades away and all you are left with is your child right there in front of you. For this campaign we worked alongside Method Studios who came up with the original concept of the Born Fighters campaign and was producing billboard advertisements featuring real heart kids shown as fighters, warriors and soldiers. Our video features these same children and is voiced by one of their fathers.


Midas - Cardboard town

Our goal when coming up with a proposal for Midas mechanics was to convey the feeling that they were there to help you. Not everyone knows (or wants to know) the inner workings of their car so we felt that the role of the mechanic was somewhat of a safety blanket. Somewhere you can go when your car is making a funny noise, or is doing something unexpected and you know that they will be able to sort out the problem for you and get you back on the road in no time.

We settled on the idea of a small, cardboard town to convey this friendly feeling. It wasn't until after Midas said that they loved the idea, that we realised how much work it was going to take to build an entire suburban block out of cardboard. But I suppose the best creativity comes when you're a little bit out of your comfort zone.


Auckland Council - Wynyard Quarter Smart

Sustainability is hugely important to us at Side Project so we were really excited when we got the chance to interview and film Sustainability Manager Dr Viv Heslop from Waterfront Auckland about her aspirations for Wynyard Quarter and the work her team has been doing down on the waterfront to make Auckland a more eco concsious city. Learn more at www.wqsmart.co.nz


Midas - Hitchhiker


Jess Quinn - Legwear