Phnom Tamao Wildlife Park

South of Phnom Penh is the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Park, which is a sanctuary for a vast array of animals that have been rescued from poachers, breeding farms or abusive owners. Wherever possible, the sanctuary releases animals back into the wild.


We got to tickle the most beautiful gibbon, called Cataract (because she had one) and her baby. We had a chat with some birds, fed bananas and coconuts to elephants, watched a Sun Bear eat its own poo, and pissed off a crocodile and macaque (whoops).


It was a great day, which we did as a tour with Betelnut tours (and it was totally worth it because it meant we got to get up close and personal with the animals where we otherwise wouldn't have). It ended up being just us with our guide, which was totally dreamboat as we got to hang out at our own pace with some beautiful (and not so beautiful, ie. pythons) creatures. The hammock flopping lunch wasn't too bloody shabby either! A joyous day near the end of our trip!


Photos by Ben Journee

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Cataract holding her baby (she pulled Mikayla's hand to her head for a scratch).

Cataract holding her baby (she pulled Mikayla's hand to her head for a scratch).

Cataract's poorly mended broken finger

Cataract's poorly mended broken finger

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Lucky the Elephant

Lucky the Elephant

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