Ben Journee - Director

Kia ora! I’m Ben, the founder and lead videographer of Side Project. 

I've been running Side Project for five years now and I love it!

With weddings, I love meeting all the amazing people I get to work with and I make it my mission to find and manifest each couple’s unique love story. For any project, weddings or otherwise, I’m addicted to being creative, and making a unique film each time.

I'm a bit of a sci fi geek (yes I read Star Wars fan fiction), I skateboard terribly for someone who has been skating since they were a kid, I met my wife in dance class about a decade ago now and we have a cat named Aki (named after a Japanese backpacker we met in India). I always wanted to be an illustrator, until I started studying illustration. Now, illustration is the little side project. Film is the main event.