oh hey!


Ben Journee

Lead Videographer

Filmmaking basically gives me life! And making films for people in love… even better!

I'm here for you, to make you the best freaking wedding film you could have never imagined. Not some stuffy, cookie cutter snore-fest, but an epic memory of one of the best days of your life.

I'm a bit of a sci fi nerd (yes I read Star Wars fan fiction), I skateboard terribly for someone who has been skating since they were a kid, I met my wife in dance class about a decade ago now and we have a cat named Aki (named after a Japanese backpacker we met in India). I always wanted to be an illustrator, until I started studying illustration. I run a D&D game for my Mum, Dad, Wife and little Sister. I love Youtube, content creation and podcasting (I even host my own podcast!).

I love storytelling and bringing joy to people through the things I create.

So what are you waiting for? If I sound like your kind of human then chances are we'll make a great fit, so drop me a line below and let's do this thang!