Side Project started as just that – a side project. It was actually a name given to a small group of hip hop dancers, who hung out and danced in a garage each Monday.  And Ben started filming them. Things progressed from there, but the name stuck. Side projects are the things you do in your spare time, it’s the thing you love, it’s the thing you’re passionate about, it’s the thing you really wish you could do all of the time. We’re lucky enough to be living the dream - our side project is now our main project.

Side Project creates videos – we do concepts, development, production and delivery. We pride ourselves on creating inventive, honest and engaging films that will stand the test of time.


We’re wanderers at heart – we like to keep our work fresh and our perspective fresher. We love being on the road and sharing those journeys with everyone. In reality, we are based in Auckland the majority of the time, so we’re likely to be here when you need us! Check out our musings from the road in the blog.


Storytelling is a bit of a fashionable word at the moment, but we’re using it anyway (we’re on trend). We want our stories to be the kind that take you somewhere else for a moment or a few. We want to make the rest of the world disappear. We want to transport you and take your breath away. We want to carry you back, and take you home, and bring you along with us. 


Side Project is Ben Journee with a few side kicks – so here’s a bit about Ben:

Ben - Director

I've been running Side Project for five years now and I love it!

With weddings, I love meeting all the amazing people I get to work with and I make it my mission to find and manifest each couple’s unique love story. For any project, weddings or otherwise, I’m addicted to being creative, and making a unique film each time.

I'm a bit of a sci fi geek (yes I read Star Wars fan fiction), I skateboard terribly for someone who has been skating since they were a kid, I met my wife in dance class about a decade ago now and we have a cat named Aki (named after a Japanese backpacker we met in India). I always wanted to be an illustrator, until I started studying illustration. Now, illustration is the little side project. Film is the main event. 


Mikayla - Writer

Mikayla is one of the sidekicks, and does all the words on our travel and adventure projects. She met her husband in dance class about a decade ago now. She’s got a day job organising public events in a museum.


Nelson - Aerial Videographer

Nelson is a videographer and aerial whiz. He’s our eye in the sky that covers most of our drone and aerial needs.